A Startup's Guide to Google Ads

Learn how to successfully grow brand awareness, generate quality leads, and increase sales in this comprehensive guide to Google Ads, crafted specifically for startups of any size
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What's in the Startup's Guide to Google Ads?

Running Google Ads for startups can be a risky proposition and is distinctly different compared to doing so for large, public companies. Yet, there is no better way to affordably grow awareness and drive leads and sales at scale when done right.

That's why Firebrand has compiled this massive 20 page ultimate guide to Google Ads with specific focus on startups. We cover the entire gamut from the Google Ads auction system and setting Google Ads benchmarks, to deep campaign optimizations and custom Google Ads reporting techniques. 

Get the unfiltered breakdown on what is Google Ads really useful for to startups
Learn methods for Google Ads conversion tracking and unique campaign optimizations
Gain confidence to build Google Ads custom reports and compare GA4 vs. Universal Analytics

About the Author


Alastair Nee
Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing

Alastair is Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing at Firebrand Communications. With over 15 years of both creative and analytical marketing he combines wisdom from both arenas to drive measurable and memorable marketing results for clients. Prior to joining Firebrand, Alastair has been a web designer, creative specialist, and PMM, for a tech manufacturing company, entertainment agency, and mobile gaming startup.