A Startup's Guide to High-Impact Content Marketing

Zoom past the competition with our advanced guide to content marketing. Discover how to maximize your resources, measure your B2B content marketing maturity, and accelerate your path to closed-won revenue.
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What's in the Startup's Guide to High-Impact Content Marketing?

If it feels like it’s getting harder and harder to close B2B sales, there’s a good reason why: It is. 

Gone are the days of inking a deal after a sales call or two. The typical B2B buyer is now an entire group of decision-makers and influencers, all of whom are doing their due diligence to ensure every penny of their budget is spent in the best way possible. 

How can you make them choose you in the end? With a content marketing strategy that’s designed around their needs, wants, and expectations. Learn more in this 10-page guide to content marketing.

Dive into the buyer's journey and learn which content will exceed their expectations
Compare your B2B content marketing maturity to other startups and learn how to improve it
Get an action plan to accelerate your buyer journey and achieve your biggest business goals

About the Author


Nicole Pytel
Vice President, Content Marketing

Nicole Pytel is Vice President of Content Marketing at Firebrand Communications. With 15 years of content marketing and branding experience, she loves combining multimedia creativity with strategic data analysis to help clients reach their biggest goals.