The Startup Marketer Outlook

How are startup marketers trying to innovate? Where are they feeling the most pressure? How do your growth efforts measure up? Get these answers and more in our exclusive research report. Based on Firebrand’s survey of 250+ early and late-stage startups, you’ll learn why startup marketers are cautiously optimistic, where they lack confidence, and how they plan to reach their goals.


What’s inside The Startup Marketer Outlook?

A majority of startup marketers are ahead of their 2024 growth targets, but that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing in Startupland. The Startup Marketer Outlook has a detailed breakdown of revenue obstacles, plans for improvement, buyer journey insights, and more.

It’s not always easy to see where others are having success or the challenges they face. We’re changing that with a deep dive into what’s top of mind for startup marketers in 2024. Download your copy, learn from your peers, and start crushing your marketing goals. 

Explore the differences in priorities and pain points between early and late-stage tech startups
Learn how changes in buyer behavior are impacting startup marketing strategies
See the prevailing trends in investor feedback and what they think of current marketing tactics

About the Author


Lucy Allen


Lucy Allen is a Principal at Firebrand with two decades of technology communications experience. Lucy leads client operations, from executing programs that help clients grow their business, to developing Firebrand’s team and services. Prior to joining, Lucy held leadership roles in global agencies including US tech sector chair and Bay Area GM at Edelman and chief strategy officer at LEWIS.